Back To The Future Day October 21, 2015 - Nike plans to launch Back To The Future Shoes in Spring 2016!


In the 1989 Movie Back to The Future II, Marty McFly goes to the future on October 21, 2015. The coolest item McFly comes across in the film, for us, is the self lacing Nikes! BREAKING NEWS Nike is hoping to release the real version of the shoe by the Spring of 2016! Nike designer Tinker Hatfield has announced that the company is striving to release the Nike Air MAG shoes, worn by Marty McFly when he arrives to 2015 in the movie. Nike CEO Mark Parker described this as "greatest shoe never made" and we agree! In July 2014, Nike filed a US Patent for self-lacing shoes, featuring motorized rollers embedded in the soles, here is the diagram:

Diagram of Nike's US Patent application for self-lacing shoes

This design would be activated by a control system that could either be operated using a button on the side, or respond to changes in weight, wrapping the ends of the laces around themselves and creating a tightening effect. Hatfield gave no official release date or price for the designs, but their goal is the Spring of 2016 so we can only hope now that October 21st has come and gone! Nike released 1,500 pairs of the footwear without the self-lacing technology (our front page main image) in 2011 and auctioned the designs on eBay. The auction raised over $4.7 million (£3.1 million) for a Parkinson's charity established by Michael J Fox – the actor who played McFly in the movie series. These grey and white designs featured battery-powered LEDs embedded in the soles and heel, as well as a light-up Nike logo on the strap.


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